Custom Hobbit Capes

Custom Hobbit Capes

These are Hobbit length capes (Small size) and are lasered cut making each one identical and more resistant to fraying. The colours may slightly vary and are sold separately.

Custom Made Hobbit Capes.
Product Options
1Custom Hobbit Cape Brown£0.504
2Custom Hobbit Cape Green£0.505
3Custom Hobbit Cape Earth Green£0.501
4Custom Hobbit Cape Light Brown£0.503
5Custom Hobbit Cape Dark Grey£0.501
6Custom Hobbit Cape Lilac£0.501
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About Owner: Andrew Clapham

AFOL fan and minifigure collector, Andrew has a huge collection of Super Heroes minifigures and custom minifigures, and his passion for collecting has resulted in this online shop. He is dedicated to giving our customers a fantastic customer experience.

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