Razar LEGO Legends Of Chima Minifigure

Razar LEGO Legends of Chima Minifigure

The Razar Legends Of Chima Minifigure was released in January 2013 and is found in 3 LEGO sets, Eris Eagle Interceptor 70003, Razar’s CHI Raider 70012, and Ring of Fire 70100.

Razar is part of the Raven tribe who are competing along with all the other animal tribes in the Kingdom of Chima for the only source of the all powerful CHI. The members of the tribe are Razcal, Rawzom and Rizzo. Razor travels in the CHI Raider and tries to invade the Eagle tribes CHI temple in the sky.

This Razar minifigure comes with a silver shoulder armour piece with a transparent blue flat stud on the front. There are clips at the back to connect his black raven wings. His black helmet piece has a light grey beak, with dark red markings around the eye holes, and silver borders. He has printing on his torso and legs featuring belts, buckles and feathers. Finally he carries a silver sword with a red laser blade in his good hand, while the other hand has a hook.

Razar LEGO Legends of Chima Minifigure
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