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This is a private order so please do not try to buy the minifigures listed as your money will be refunded.

High quality pad and digital printed Custom Minifigures
Product Options
1Golden Sentry Custom Minifigure£59.001
2Order 2*10 LeyileBrick Minifigures£185.000
3Ares Funny Brick Custom Minfigure£42.000
4Undead Steel Custom Minifigure£45.000
5Spirit of the Kohaku River Outside Brick Custom Minifigure£15.001
6Eradicator RA Custom Minifigure£30.001
7Star Girl Funny Brick Custom Minifigure£42.000
8Bat Gordon Custom Minfigure£25.001
Order High quality pad and digital printed Custom Minifigures

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About Owner: Andrew Clapham

AFOL fan and minifigure collector, Andrew has a huge collection of Super Heroes minifigures and custom minifigures, and his passion for collecting has resulted in this online shop. He is dedicated to giving our customers a fantastic customer experience.

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