Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2015

Custom Minifigure Brick Awards

Welcome to the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2015! I have decided this year to do a blog post rather than publish a Youtube video as I am changing the format of the awards, but be sure to check out the Top 20 Custom Printed Minifigures of 2013 and Best Custom Minifigures of 2014 videos.

2015 has been another amazing year for releases and we have sold over 60 custom minifigures from new and regular vendors as well as a range of military parts and weapons which have been hugely popular. We only picked vendors that we sell on our site so I know there are others that have released some fantastic custom minifigures that have missed out.

Let the awards begin!

Best Military Vendor Award

United Bricks Military Custom Minifigures

Runner Up

United Bricks released a range of WW1 and WW2 German and British torso’s which were digitally printed and the quality was excellent.

The Minifig Co Military Custom Minifigures


The Minifig Co. released a massive range of digitally printed German military torso’s, heads and legs this year which have been hugely popular. We haven’t been able to keep up with the demand!

Best Digital Printing Vendor Award

Agent Carter BrickUltra Custom Minifigure

Runner Up

2015 has been a another strong year for BrickUltra releasing a range of high quality digitally printed minifigures. These include Combat Evolved Marine, Deathlok, Master Chief, Agent Locke, Lara Croft and the fantastic Agent Carter custom minifigure.

Flash Fig Factory Custom Minifigures


Released at the start of 2015 these digitally printed Flash custom minifigures by Fig Factory were hugely popular and the design was excellent. They also went on to release the Emerald Archer, Crimson Archer, Red Mask, Sarcastic Superhero, Cybercop Classic, Black Wing and Space Pirate. It has been a fantastic year for Fig Factory!

Best Use Of Custom Parts Award

Grid Iron EclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

Runner Up

A collaboration between Clone Army Customs and eclipseGrafx saw the release of these excellent pad printed using Photoluminescent Ink, Grid Iron minifigures. The custom made armour and helmets really stood out.

Teleporter KO Custom Minifigs Custom Minifigure


The Teleporter Custom Minifigure by KO Custom Minifigs was an ambitious project to make a custom armour and a tail that connected, and the project paid off resulting in a fantastic and unique pad printed minifigure. Well done!

Best New Vendor Award

Chrome Claw KO Custom Minifigs

Runner Up

KO Custom Minifigs arrived in 2015 with a bang releasing The Teleporter and Chrome Claw so it has been a great year for them.

SH Custom Minifigs The Archer Custom Minifigure


SH Custom Minifigs released this excellent pad printed The Archer and the demand for him has made him our best selling minifigure for 2015. I can’t wait to see what SH Custom Minifigs release in 2016!

Best Pad Printed Vendor Award

Arachnid Hero Phoenix Customs Custom Minifigure

Runner Up

Phoenix Customs have had another great year once again producing high quality pad printed custom minifigures including the Arachnid Hero, The Curator, Crimson Arachnid and the Cold War Assassin. With 3 more releases already announced 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for them!

Christo Custom Minifigures


There can be no doubt that Christo has smashed this award in 2015 releasing so many high quality pad printed custom minifigures. The list just seems to go on and on including Gold Shazam, Batman Beyond, Iron Spider-Man, White Lantern Flash, Blue Lantern Flash, Whiplash, Dark Red Flash, Blade, US Agent, Comedian, Rorshcach, Bullseye, Mystique, Ms Marvel, Hulk Maestro and Manchester Black.

Best Custom Minifigure Award

Whiplash Christo Custom Minifigure

Runner Up

The level of detailing and quality of pad printing of this Whiplash Custom Minifigure by Christo could quite easily have made it the winner, and with so many fantastic custom minifigures this year, making a choice has been very difficult.

Blue Lantern Flash Christo Custom Minifigure


As you can see 2015 has been an incredible year for custom minifigures and some of my favourites have been Fig Nation’s Arkham Origins Batman, and Phoenix Customs Arachnid Hero however there can be only one winner and this Blue Lantern Flash Custom Minifigure by Christo really stood out for me. The chrome blue looks excellent and he comes with boot printing and a custom helmet.

The comments section is open as I would love to hear who you think deserved to win each award!


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