LEGO Star Wars Planet Series 3 Preview

We now have the images for the LEGO Star Wars Planet Series 3 range. As a huge Star Wars LEGO fan I was excited to see the new Star Wars 2013 Sets which has some great minifigures and the Rancor Pit and Umbaran MHC(Mobile Heavy Cannon) are excellent. However the Planet Series is usually a great disappointment with the majority of minifigures and mini-builds already released one way or another. The third in this series is released in January 2013 with Series 4 released in May 2013.

Jedi & Starfigher (R4-P17 Astromech Droid) and Planet Kamino 75006. Obi-Wan Kenobi was directed to the Planet of Kamino to follow a lead on the whereabouts of Senator Amidala’s would-be assassin through a single poison dart. The planet turned out to be where the Army of the Republic was being made. R4-P17 is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Astromech Droid and is a new minifigure. Previously we have only seen this droid as a dome in the sets Jedi Starfighter 7143 and Ultimate Space Battle 7283.

Republic Assault Ship (Republic Trooper Pilot) & Planet Coruscant 75007. Coruscant is the capital of the Republic and the entire planet is one big city. The Republic Assault Ship is OK but has been done before, and the minifigure looks to be one of the new Phase 1 Trooper’s, but I could be wrong.

Tie Bomber (Tie Pilot) & Asteroid Field 75008. The Tie Bomber mini build looks pretty cool, although the Asteroid Field ball is uninspiring the Tie Pilot minifigure is a new redesign.

These Star Wars Planet Series sets always get stocked in your local supermarkets and at a price point where they sell as birthday presents, however these sets will only appeal to the series minifigure collectors, or people who like to line up their Clone Troopers and see how many they can knock over with one of the planets (Star Wars Ten Pin Bowling).

Thanks to Huw over at for finding the images.


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