Second Hand Market Guide

Our regular customers have asked if we will add a Second Hand Market store onto our website.

You will be able to buy minifigures that are hard-to-find or sold out. Also it is a chance if you are wanting to reduce your collection or just sell up. As the main reseller for the UK and Europe we sell minifigures all over the world.

View the Second Hand Market now.

The Small Print:

  1. You are responsible for all costs and import charges in shipping the minifigures to us so we can photograph, check and list them.
  2. We only want pad printed custom minifigures from the following vendors:
    Crazy Minifigs
    DiamondCustom Bricks
    Dragon Brick
    Eric Designs
    Funny Brick
    Legend C Moc
    Life Brick
    Outside Brick
  3. You can decide the price for each custom minifigure bearing in mind our fees and Paypal charges, and how long you want to list them for.


  1. Our fee is 10% of the sale price.
  2. Paypal charges 5% transaction fee for every sale.
  3. So every time we sell a custom minifigure we deduct 15% off the selling price.

Transfer of Funds:

  1. After the listings have finished we can deposit the money into your PayPal account. This may occur additional PayPal fees.
  2. We can also offer the total amount in a custom E-Gift Card to spend on our website.

Use the Contact Us page for more information.