Batman Exclusive LEGO Super Heroes Minifigure

This Batman Exclusive LEGO Super Heroes Minifigure was released in 2011 as a Comic Con Exclusive Giveaway along with the Green Lantern Exclusive LEGO Super Heroes Minifigure.

There were 1500 of each minifigure to give away to lucky raffle winners at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011. The winners received an exclusive pre-release Batman minifigure, and a card with an attached brick that gives you information on the Super Heroes Super Challenge Contest.

Wearing the new The Dark Knight Rises suit this minifigure has the same cape as all other variations, he has a new head with more of a scowling mouth, and his torso, arms, hands, and legs are all black with printing on both the front and back of the torso, which is an updated print of the 2008 Film Suit Torso.

The final difference is Batman’s utility belt is still Warm Gold, but is now much more detailed than the previous version.


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