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We wouldn’t be able to run our Minifigures business without our fantastic customers so we thought we would do a regular feature highlighting their Super Heroes collection and asking them a few questions. Thank you to Gnaat Lego who takes amazing LEGO photographs on Flickr for taking the time out to answer these questions:

Gnaat Lego Super Heroes Customs Collection

What made you buy your first Super Heroes Custom Minifigure?

My first one was… Green Lantern by Christo. I just bought him because I was missing that Super Hero character in my collection. And I was really impressed by the quality of the printing and since then I have built up my collection minifigure by minifigure.

Mystique & Daredevil Custom Minifigures

With so many Super Heroes Custom Minifigures to choose from, picking a definitive top 5 is probably an impossible task. However which are some of your favourites and why?

Hard to say. In this order: Crimson Arachnid by Phoenix Customs for his absolutely incredible mesh printing. American Super Soldier by Phoenix Customs for the star on the chest, brilliant idea and brilliant quality. Albator by NACM for the wonderful design of a wonderful character. Stan Lee by Christo for the work on the glasses details. Finally, Plastic Man by Christo, when the custom minifigure is 10 times better than the official one.

Winter Soldier and Captain America by Phoenix Custom

When it comes to the different printing styles Pad Printed, Digital and UV Digital printing, which do you prefer?

I did my research in printing, so definitely: pad-printing. So durable, so nice-looking and harder to do, so better !

Do you have a favourite custom minifigure vendor or vendors?

Hard to say. I’ll say Phoenix Customs for the really good standard between quality and price and his amazing customer care, Christo is really good, but so expensive.

Spider-Man Lego Custom Minifigures

Do you have an opinion on the Chinese brands that have appeared over the last couple of years?

I think it’s a shame because they have made COPIES of existing figures, I have the same opinion when some custom makers do the same (like the Christo’s SDCC copies – Shazam or Bizarro).
But the good point is that, in my opinion, it forces LEGO to make better minifigures (printing or bi-injection for example).

Finally, as a regular customer to would you recommend us to your friends?

Yes ! definitely, I have promoted your web site and customer care on French Facebook Fan Pages and forums like Brickpirate. And last of all, I really thank you for asking me. I am aware that I’m not a huge customer for you because I generally buy directly from the Custom-makers. But you do a reaaaaaly great job.

A big thanks again to Gnaat Lego for an amazing interview and be sure to check out our Custom Minifigures Shop.


AFOL fan and minifigure collector, Andrew has a huge collection of Super Heroes minifigures and custom minifigures, and his passion for collecting has resulted in this online shop. He is dedicated to giving our customers a fantastic customer experience.

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