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There has always been a shroud of darkness when it comes to custom minifigures with many unanswered questions such as; Is the quality any good? Are they just a LEGO knock off? Here at we sell a range of Custom Minifigures sourced and selected from only the best and most talented custom minifigure designers working today.

Technology has come a long way since printed decals and nail varnish, and the latest minifigures have been created using the best design software, 3D laser and PAD printers and high quality ink. The printing on some of these minifigures is 360 degress with arm printing, and the quality is second to none and even better then LEGO.

When LEGO releases a new theme they only do a limited number of characters or until recently some of their printing wasn’t that great. So custom minifigure designers follow the demand and create minifigures LEGO have not made or made as limited runs. Providing the designs are not exactly the same and violating copyright issues then LEGO are happy or turn a blind eye to this thriving market.

Christo Custom Minifigures

Chisto from South Africa is a very talented custom minifigure designer and is well know for his DC and Marvel Super Heroes including Spider Man, Iron Man and The Flash as well as a number of Star Wars minifigures. His minifigures have 360 degree printing and have the same look and feel as original LEGO minifigures.

eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

eclipseGrafx are from New York and pride themselves in making some of the best custom minifigures around. They are well known for making Apocalyptic, Scifi, Zombies, and Modern Warfare minifigures. Also watch out for their new series of amazing GrafX-Squad minifigures. His minifigures have 360 degree printing with great printed detailing. We will be stocking a range of eclipseGrafx custom minifigures.

Green Pea Toys Custom Minifigures

Green Pea Toys are based in the UK and on the last count had sold over 18,000 custom minifigures. They have a huge range of minifigures including Super Heroes, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Halo. Their minifigures have front printing only, however this makes them a more affordable custom, for people looking to complete collections. We will be stocking a range of Green Pea Toys custom minifigures.

Minifigs4u Custom Minifigures

Minifigs4U, originally known as Legoboy Productions are based in the USA are well known for Clone Wars custom minifigures as well as Super Heroes, Halo and the Bender Series. His minifigures have 360 degree printing and are great quality. In the future we will be hoping to stock a range of Minifigs4u minifigures.

If you have never bought a custom minifigure then I would recommend you do, as the quality is very high. So be sure to check out our Custom Minifigure Store as new stock is added daily.

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  1. Mine just came through the post. I ordered it from the USA after I read your previous article that featured it, got the last one they had in stock too.

    I can confirm the detail and quality of print on this is SUPERB!!!

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Penzore or Onlinesailin, both which provide printed Super Hero minifigs.

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