CombatBrick Weapons

If your are interested in the military history of WWII, Vietnam and current events of Modern Warfare then you can now arm your minifigures with these high quality injection molded ABS plastic weapons.

CombatBrick LEGO Compatible WWII Weapons

CombatBrick have just started their own line of injection molded guns and there are currently 24 different pieces divided into USSR, USA, WWII, and Modern Warfare to choose from. These are compatible with all LEGO minifigures and available in black.

CombatBrick LEGO Compatible Modern Warfare Weapons

If you want to learn more about CombatBrick then here is an excellent interview by Alex the founder. Alex asked if we wanted to become a reseller of his weapons and gave us a limited quantity to sell as a trial, so visit the CombatBrick section now.

These weapons have proved hugely popular so we are delighted to announce that we have become a CombatBrick reseller.


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