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SFXminifigures are a well known vendor on our web site and offer a range of high quality pad printed Super Heroes custom minifigures. Sean was kind enough do do a Q&A with us:

How did you first get into custom minifigures?

It all started from making purist minifigures as we all do, but then the lack of options part-wise for certain characters got frustrating. I grew up customizing action figures so it felt like a natural step for me.

What made you decide to print your own custom minifigures?

There were characters I wanted that it didn’t seem like LEGO was going to get around to (and still doesn’t) or would never make. I saw others doing it and thought why not give it a go. So I started designing a couple characters and it spiraled. I have over 250 designs I’d like to get through if I’m lucky and if customers really respond to what I’m putting out there.

The first series was really a test to see if I could do it, and here we are 3 series later (and a few surprise releases) and still going steady.

SFXminifigures Green Lanterns

How do you go about choosing which characters to print?

Sometimes it’s impulse and I’ll slip one in here and there, but mostly it’s planned out months and months in advance. I do give myself wiggle room for changes based on certain factors. But I currently have 3+ years mapped out for the most part. I like to see what’s on the horizon movie, TV and comic-wise for maximum synergy.

I try to do the broadest, most iconic possible costumes for characters, with simple designs that adhere to the LEGO aesthetic.

Robbie Reyes and the Hellcharger

What process do you go through when creating a new custom minifigure?

Half the time it’s design first, then seeing what parts are available in certain colours to make it possible. The other half is “OMG! a new part is out, who could I make with this?!?”. I’m constantly tweaking designs up until the eleventh hour.

Sourcing parts is always tricky, sometimes what I need is not available or is not cost effective so I need to change or tweak things again.

The printing process can sometimes take weeks, and committing to a design gets scary.

I don’t like doing pre-orders. I’d hate to be a customer and have to wait months and months for what has only so far been a render, I’ve been there. I like the fact that, for the most part, when I announce them, they are ready to go. I don’t ask for any seed money from customers, I pay for these minifigures out of my own pocket. Whether that’s to my detriment or benefit remains to be seen, but I feel it helps me stand out.

SFXminifigures Wave 4

What is your favourite minifigure you have released so far?

Without a doubt Baron Zemo. It’s an A-List character that’s been at the top of my list for years, yet somehow hasn’t been released. It was a labour of love. The funny thing is, most of the figure had been done for months and months, it was just a matter of waiting for those new parts to really make it pop. It was originally designed for the Kraven Fur piece and then I saw the LEGO Batman Movie minifigures and I knew I had to wait. It was so hard knowing I had this mostly ready to go and I could have just sold it as it was.

I’m definitely glad I waited, I think the new parts really make it stand out.

I encourage people to let me know how they’ve tweaked my minifigures once they got them, what they added, subtracted or replaced so they fit into their collections. I know I’m still constantly tweaking mine.

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