Iron Man LEGO Exclusive Minifigure

This Iron Man LEGO Exclusive Minifigure was available for the lucky few who attended the New York Toy Fair in 2012. This minifigure was given away as a promotional Marvel Super Heroes set that also included an Captain America LEGO Exclusive Minifigure.

This is the third version of Iron Man, the other two different versions of this minifigure are the Mark 6 suit which features a triangle and is available in Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape set 6867 and the Mark 7 suit with a circle features in the Quinjet Aerial Battle set 6869.

This Comic Book Suit minifigure does not feature a helmet and has plain legs.  It has the Mark 7 suit with circle however a different printed torso.

Let us know if you managed to get hold of one of these Marvel Super Heroes exclusive minifigures!


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