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KO Custom Minifigs released their first custom minifigure in May 2015 and have followed it with some very popular releases. Offering high end Super Heroes custom minifigures with a combination of injection molded pieces and professional pad printing. Each custom minifigure features the highest level of quality and use only official LEGO brand minifigure parts.

KO Customs Teleporter & Chrome Claw Custom Miniifgures

The Teleporter was KO Custom Minifigs first release in May 2015 and featured 2 custom injection molded parts, the Torso Armour and ​Posable Tail. These custom pieces were made of recycled LEGO plastics to ensure top quality and that the colours matched up. This unique custom minifigure proved to be very popular.

It wasn’t long before the second custom minifigure was ready to be released in November 2015. The Chrome Claw was another high quality pad printed minifigure and featured plastic shoulder armour and a pair of custom chrome silver claws. Each minifigure came in special collectable packaging with a trading card.

KO Customs Robo Zombie Custom Minigure

The third release arrived in April 2016 and once again it was quite special. Robo Zombie Custom Minigure featured 8 different colours pad printed, including special metallic ink. Extremely limited (only 50 made) it came fully loaded with awesome accessories including the Flat Silver Arealight Backpack and Black Brickarms M4A1 ‘Xeno’ Pulse Rifle which matched perfectly.

KO Customs Micro Man Custom Minifigure

So what can we expect in 2017? Get ready for this fantastic Micro Man Custom Minifigure which should be arriving soon. It features a custom injection molded and chromed silver helmet and a special custom partially chromed red head underneath the helmet. It also has pad printed designs on the arms, front and back torso, hips, and front and side leg. The printing includes metallic silver ink.


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