Christo Custom Minifigures 2016 Review

Christo Custom Minifigures

2016 was a very exciting but rather expensive year for collectors of Christo custom minifigures as he released a whopping great 17 different characters! These were Zebra Batman, Jay Garrick, Flash Rival, Fantastic 4 Spider-Man, Black Lantern Flash, Batman 1939, Bucky Barnes, Green Lantern Batman, New 52 Reverse Flash, Slade Wilson, Clay Face, Poison Ivy, Black Panther, Batman Noir, Ms Marvel Red, Flash and Zoom.

Christo Collectors Card

Nearly all of the custom minifigures in 2016 were limited to just 40 coming in a plastic case and numbered collectors card. A lot of effort is put into designing and printing these minifigures to the highest quality, so Christo decided to introduce numbered collectors cards so that in time these minifigures would actually become more valuable.

Christo June 2016 Releases

As well as quality, Christo prides himself on releasing custom minifigures that no other vendors are able to do, and 2016 saw an increase in the number of custom made helmets and hair pieces.

Christo Sept 2016 Releases

Christo ended 2016 with the most anticipated release of the year with the amazing Flash and Zoom Custom Minifigures. The helmets with the Flash Bolts looked fantastic.

Christo Flash & Zoom Custom Minifigures

2017 looks set to be another great year for Christo – how many of his 2016 custom minifigures did you manage to pick up?