LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Shazam Exclusive Minifigure

This LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Shazam Exclusive Minifigure was released at the San Diego Comic Con July 2012 as part of a free giveaway. This is one of the four limited edition minifigures that were given away. There will be only 1,000 each of DC Universe’s Bizarro and Shazam and Marvel Super Heroes Venom and Phoenix.

When superhero comics became popular again in the mid-1960s in what is now called the Silver Age of Comic Books, Fawcett Publications was unable to revive Captain Marvel, having agreed never to publish the character again in order to settle a lawsuit. Therefore the name Shazam was used instead of the name Captain Marvel.

DC finally purchased the rights to all of the Fawcett Comics characters in 1991 and the name Captain Marvel returned.


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