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We wouldn’t be able to run our Minifigures business without our fantastic customers so we thought we would do a regular feature highlighting their Super Heroes collection and asking them a few questions. Thank you to Mr.Savath_Bunny on Flickr for taking the time out to answer these questions:

Mr.Savath_Bunny Custom Minifigure Collection

What made you buy your first Super Heroes Custom Minifigure?

When I began collecting LEGO Superhero products back in spring on 2012 I noticed some Flickr users were posting photos of custom minifigures in their stream. The idea of having such a uniquely limited fig was pretty cool, but what really intrigued me more was the characters these creators chose to make. Often times creators like Christo or Onlinesailin make minifigures of superheroes (or villains) that they admire. Not only were these people pouring their time, energy and money into making this product, but it was all inspired by their love of that genre. Nowadays, purchasing one of these custom minifigures isn’t just adding another piece to my collection, it’s appreciating the hard work and devotion these creators put forth to making something they truly cherish.

Marvel Custom Minifigure Desk Display

With so many Super Heroes Custom Minifigures to choose from, picking a definitive top 5 is probably an impossible task. However which are some of your favourites and why?

1) Black Cat by Christo. Felicia Hardy has been my all-time favorite heartthrob of the Marvel Universe since I was young, so when Christo produced her I knew I had to have one. A small bit of info, I emailed Christo some design specs for a Black Cat minifig back in May of 2014. He responded that he really liked the idea and would “look into making her,” so needless to say; I’d like to take credit for planting that brick in Christo’s head.

2) Stan Lee by Christo. OF COURSE the master mind behind my favorite superheroes would be a top 5 candidate for custom minifigures (he would be no. 1 if Black Cat wasn’t my childhood crush)! Sporting his classic ‘stach and tinted glasses, Stan-the-man is the perfect trophy to top my Marvel minifig shrine.

3) American Super Soldier by Phoenix Customs. With LEGO’s attempts to make a noteworthy Steve Rogers in the previous Avengers sets, there was always something I could nitpick about their design. When Phoenix Customs released their version of the Winter Soldier’s own hero, I knew he was the captain I had been searching for. Sleek lines and perfect coloring is only the beginning of what makes this custom soldier so spectacular.

4) Emerald by EclipseGraFX. A custom from my early days of collecting, this Rogue beauty was a must have from the moment I caught sight of her. Tracking one down was a little difficult, as they had sold out about 3 months prior to me seeing her, but I managed to nab one of the few remaining after doing some extensive searching. Simply put: this heroine is astonishing.

5) Ms. Marvel by Christo. From her custom sculpted blonde locks to her classic style suit and gloves, I fell in love with this marvelous lady the moment I saw her on eBay. Though she is one of my newer customs, she’s already jumped into my top 5 without hesitation.

The Collection So Far

When it comes to the different printing styles Pad Printed, Digital and UV Digital printing, which do you prefer?

Of course I have to say Pad Printing because if you’re looking for a custom LEGO product you want one that blends in with all your authentic pieces. For example, Citizen Brick has some spectacular products to offer and what makes them so enticing is the quality is simply remarkable (if not better) than LEGO brand items. Sometimes I don’t mind purchasing ‘lower grade’ printed minifigs as they still look good, however when a Pad Printed style is released I’m always ready to splurge on a swanky upgrade.

Edge of Spider-Verse Custom Minifigures

Do you have a favourite custom minifigure vendor or vendors?

Over the past three years of collecting I’ve seen some amazing custom minifigures get produced. Originally Christo’s custom designs were all I sought after until other creators such as Muddy River Minifigs and Phoenix Customs began to pop up. Currently, Phoenix Customs has impressed me the most with their LEGO-like designs and innovative character choices. I’m very excited for their “Pink Arachnid” fig coming out in 2016, she will definitely rank in my top 5.

Do you have an opinion on the Chinese brands that have appeared over the last couple of years?

I admit that the Chinese brands often offer colors and designs that LEGO seems to be neglecting (e.g., Jean Gray, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four). However, I can feel the “cheapness” of the product with the flimsy plastic and shoty printing techniques the competitors use. The knock-offs are always a gamble with what you see rendered in advertising compared to what you actually receive on your doorstep.

Finally, as a regular customer to would you recommend us to your friends?

I would absolutely recommend to any LEGO fan hunting for good, affordable custom figs. Typically buying figs off eBay can be a bit of a frenzy with bidding wars happening over the rarest customs, and buying from lesser known sites always leaves me with a sense of worry. With Andrew’s site he makes each transaction personable and I feel like my money and business is going to a company that really appreciates its customers. The fact that I know Andrew by name even though we are an ocean apart tells you that their customer service is phenomenal. was one of my very first “favorites” in my browser for buying customs, and as a favorite it shall remain.

A big thanks again to Mr.Savath_Bunny for an amazing interview and be sure to check out our Custom Minifigures Shop.


AFOL fan and minifigure collector, Andrew has a huge collection of Super Heroes minifigures and custom minifigures, and his passion for collecting has resulted in this online shop. He is dedicated to giving our customers a fantastic customer experience.

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