LEGO Star Wars Planet Series 4 Preview

Following on from our LEGO Star Wars Planet Series 3 preview, the Series 4 range which are set to be released in May 2013 brings out the best and worst in LEGO. It is definitely a case of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Hoth Snowspeeder (Snowspeeder Pilot) & Planet Hoth 75009. The Snowspeeder pilot minifigure is an Episode V pilot and has two blue Rebel Alliance symbols on his helmet similar to Dak Ralter, and his head is printed with an orange visor and chin strap. The great new feature is his printed legs! The highlight of the entire Planet Series 4 is the mini model of the Snowspeeder. The colours and detailing look awesome for such a small build. I won’t spoil this fantastic set by mentioning the planet Hoth!

 B-Wing Starfighter (B-Wing Pilot) & Planet Endor 75010. In my opinion the 2006 B-Wing pilot never really had the look or feel of a Star Wars minifigure, so it is great that he has had a redesign, and comes with leg printing. The mini model of a B-Wing looks pretty cool, and the set comes with the planet Endor.

Tantive IV (Rebel Trooper) & Aldeeran 75011. This set is the biggest disappointment as the 2009 Rebel Trooper minifigure looks like the original, and this minifigure is also set to appear in the Star Wars advent calendar 2012. Has LEGO got a surplus of them they are trying to get rid of? The mini model of a B-Wing looks quite cool and the set comes with the planet Aldeeran.

Overall there are some great pieces and some forgettable ones, but once again these sets will appeal to the series minifigure collectors.


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