LEGO Super Heroes DC Universe Batman: The Riddler Chase And Flash

USA Today seems to be the top LEGO source at the moment, and they have revealed the first of the 2014 LEGO Super Heroes DC Universe Batman sets – The Riddler Chase. This set contains 304 pieces and will retail at U.S. $29.99. Justice League fans will instantly recognise the long awaited The Flash minifigure so this set will be hugely popular.

The set contains three minifigures: Batman, the Riddler, The Flash and the vehicles are a Batmobile and a green drag racer for the Riddler. This version of Batman is based on the “Beware the Batman” animated series and here are some close up shots of the minifigures included in the set.

The torso print of this LEGO Beware The Batman Minifigure looks very clean and the minifigure looks great.

The helmet on this LEGO The Flash Minifigure is a unique mold and his face looks a similar design to the Green Goblin. The only thing missing about this minifigure is some yellow leg printing.

When we first heard that there was to be another LEGO The Riddler Minifigure I was a bit disappointed however the new torso print is excellent, and the different colour legs work really well.


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