Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2018

Welcome to the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2018! Here is a recap of the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2017, Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2016 and Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2015.

2018 has been yet another fantastic year for releases and we have sold over 245 different custom minifigures. As well as our existing popular vendors such as Funny Brick, Phoenix Customs, BrothersFigure, Paris Custom Bricks, LeYiLeBrick and UG Minifigs we welcomed some amazing new vendors to our site including Crystal Minifigs, Lab9, Diamond CustomBricks, Outside Brick, and CrossCheckFigure. Even SH Custom Minifigs made a welcome return!

We only picked vendors that we sell on our site for these awards so I know there are others that have released some fantastic custom minifigures that have missed out.

Let the awards begin!

Best Digital Printing Vendor Award


LeYiLeBrick have gone from strength to strength since they arrived on our web site back in July 2016 and have continued to release a huge range of high quality UV digitally printed Super Heroes custom minifigures.

LeYiLeBrick has proved to be a very popular brand offering minifigures at very affordable prices. They have also released a number of pad printed Super Heroes.

Best New Vendor Award

2018 saw a number of new vendors including Crystal Minifigs, Lab9, Diamond CustomBricks, Outside Brick, and CrossCheckFigure.

3rd Place

Crystal Minifigs has arrived in the Custom Minifigure community in 2018 with a bang producing a huge range of high quality Super Heroes each coming with custom made parts. Their releases include Gaslight Batman, Ant Man, Red Lantern Supergirl, Mera, Gaslight Batman 2, Beta Ray, Rainbow Knight, Red Robin, Zatanna, Kang, Bullseye, Black Panther White Jacket, Black Panther Black Tuxedo, Bucky, Owlman, Green Arrow, Thor, Parallax, Black Lantern Hal Jordan, Black Panther Battle Suit, and Thor Odinson.

Runner Up

Lab9 arrived late in 2018 and they have released a range of high quality custom minifigures which have proved to be a huge success. They have also done a number of collaborations with UG Minifigs. Their releases include Jean Grey, Dick Grayson, Holy Terror Batman, Mk5, Mk5 Damaged, Dr Fate, Dr Fate V2, Shazam and Shazam V2.


Diamond CustomBricks arrived on the scene producing a range of high quality custom minifigures. As well as each minifigure having a fantastic custom hair piece they also came with a printed portrait LEGO piece which was a unique idea.

Their releases include Magik, Howard Drake, Emerald Duck, Dr Destiny, Pretty Bird, Dynamic Duo, Uncanny Telepath, Phoenix, Integrity & Devious and Reverse Thunderer. The photograph also includes a sneak peak of a release coming in 2019!

Best Pad Printed Vendor Award

With so many great vendors to choose from this is always a hard decision to make, however we factored in anticipation, demand, the use of custom parts, print quality and the number of releases each vendor made. Special mention goes to Christo, Phoenix Customs, Dragon Brick, and SH Custom Minifigs.

Third Place

BrothersFigure have had another busy year releasing a range of high quality custom minifigures which included Furious Angel, Violet Falconer, Furious Lass, White Lightning, Frost Knight, Covert Soldier, Diamond Empress(Gold), Fatal Lightning, Noble Knight, Maniac Knight, Santa Patriot and BF Lite Wave 1.

Runner Up

UG Minifigs have had another fantastic year, not only releasing their own custom minifigures but also doing collaborations with RexMiniBrick, Lab9 and SH Custom Minifigs.

In 2018 they released Hell Boy, Batman Red Son, Batwing, Batman Future Knight, Two Face, Batman The Murder Machine, and Red Death.


Funny Brick have had an amazing 2018. Offering a mix of high quality custom minifigures and awesome custom parts. They have raised the bar and now are as popular as Christo with many of their releases selling out in hours.

This year they have released Kid Flash, Rescue Armor, Firestorm, Female Thunder, Darknight & Bluewing, Storm Girl, Power Girl, Dr Light, Black Lantern Firestorm, Gods & Monsters, Man Thing, AIM Trooper, Classic Iron Man, Cable and Odin Borson.

Best Custom Minifigure Award

This is always a hard award to give as there are so many amazing custom minifigures and this year we had so many to choose from. Of course this is just my own opinion..

5th Place

Kid Flash was the real break through custom minifigure by Funny Brick with a lot of customers buying this one and then looking for their 2017 releases. The custom helmet/hair piece looks perfect and the printing is clean and stands-out.

4th Place

Read Death by UG Minifigs was yet another high quality custom minifigure with an amazing custom helmet. The use of the metallic printing made this minifigure really stand-out.

3rd Place

Infinite Arachnid Hero was another fantastic custom minifigure by Phoenix Customs in their Arachnid series, and proved that you didn’t have to have a custom helmet or hair piece to stand-out.

2nd Place

This Dr Fate V2 custom minifigure by Lab9 took printing to the next level. The use of metallic printing and an amazing custom helmet made this one of the must-have minifigures of 2018.

1st Place

If a second limited blue version hadn’t been released of this Classic Iron Man by Funny Brick then it probably wouldn’t have been number one. However both these minifigures are hard-to-find and anyone who has them are showcasing them proudly.

The custom helmet looks fantastic and the printing is clean and really stands-out!

Well done to everyone who was mentioned in our Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2018 and we look forward to seeing what is released in 2019!


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