Tuminio Custom Iron Man Minifigures

Tuminio is an excellent custom minifigure designer who was inspired by the Iron Man 3 movie to create his own minifigures. These include the Iron Man Space suit, Iron Patriot, War Machine and the incredible Hulkbuster suit.

Photo courtesy of Tuminio

The amazing thing about the Hulk Buster Iron Man Suit is that it fits the LEGO Hulk. The armour contains nuclear power along with injected technology to prevent Hulk shrinking and losing control during the fight. The repulsor rays are shot from hands and feet. The main nuclear power is stored in the main heart and regenerated back from movement and heat. The arms and hands are both detachable in case needing replacement or repairing. All defend parts are upgraded from super carbon nanotubes that enhance the durability to 300 times stronger than steel but 95% lighter making Hulk an unbeatable fighter.

Photo courtesy of Tuminio

The Disaster Rescue Suit, better known as the Red Snapper Armor, is the 35th Iron Man Armor developed by Tony Stark and looks fantastic especially the arms.

Photo courtesy of Tuminio

This armour is the thirty-seventh Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark, a Deep Sea Suit nicknamed “Hammerhead”. It’s designed to be able to travel to the deepest parts of the ocean, being able to withstand extreme pressure.

Let’s hope Tuminio continues to build more of the Iron Man suits!


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