LEGO Star Wars 2013 Sets Preview

Star Wars have of course renewed their licence with LEGO for another 10 years, so here are the Star Wars sets that LEGO plan to release in January 2013 with the minifigures in each set.

Star Wars LEGO sets:

75000: Clone Troopers Vs Droidekas (Clone Troopers x2, Droidekas x2). This set has a Phase 1 Trooper from Episode II of the Star Wars movies and the other is a new Lime Green elite trooper as well as 2 Droidekas.

75001: Republic Troopers vs Sith Troopers (Republic Troopers x2, Sith Troopers x2). The set consists of a Sith Trooper minifigure that has already been released and a new dark red one with grey arms.  The Old Republic Troopers look pretty cool with a brand new helmet, however I would have thought they would be red rather than orange.

75002: AT-RT (Yoda, Clone Trooper 501st, Commando Droid, Droideka). This set contains a 501st Clone Trooper minifigure which we are really excited about and a new Elite Commando Droid minifigure.

75003: A-Wing Starfighter (Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo, A-Wing Pilot). This set comes with a new Hans Solo minifigure with a different torso print and new A-Wing Pilot minifigure with an excellent helmet.

75004: Z-95 Headhunter (Pong Krell, Clone Pilot, 501st Clone Trooper). This set comes with a new General Pong Krell minifigure from the Clone Wars TV Series, a new Phase 2 Pilot, and 501st Clone Trooper.

75005: Rancor Pit (Luke Skywalker, Malakili, Gamorrean Guard, Rancor). The box art on this set shows that it also opens up as well as being able to connect to Jabba’s Palace.

75012: BARC Speeder with Sidecar (Obi Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, 2x Commando Droid) This is probably the best set as we are getting a Phase 2 Captain Rex with a fantastic helmet, and a new updated Obi Wan Kenobi.

75013: Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon) (Ahsoka Tano, Clone Trooper 327th, 2x Umbaran Soldiers) This set comes with two new Umbaran minifigures, an updated Ahsoka Tano minifigure, and a new Clone Trooper 327th minifigure.

Planet Series 3

75006: Kamino Jedi & Starfigher (R4-P17 Astromech Droid)
75007: Assault Striker & Republic Coruscant (Republic Trooper Pilot)
75008: Asteroid Field & Tie Bomber (Tie Pilot)

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Planet Series 4

75009: Hoth Snowspeeder & (Snowspeeder Pilot)
75010: Endor & B-Wing (B-Wing Pilot)
75011: Aldeeran & Tantive IV (Rebel Trooper)

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We will of course update this post when we have any further information about the sets.


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