BrickWarriors Custom Accessories

BrickWarriors is a high quality LEGO compatible brand that makes amazing custom accessories for your minifigures. Run by Ryan Hauge and Amanda Taylor, no matter how many new minifigure designs LEGO would come out with each year, they were continually disappointed that LEGO couldn’t design the accessories and weapons to match, so decided to have a go themselves.

Today, BrickWarriors offer a range of amazing weapons, helmets, armour, and accessories are all custom designed to fit seamlessly with your LEGO Minifigures. They are all produced in high quality ABS plastic which the same plastic used by LEGO.

Choose from a huge range of weapons from medieval swords, western rifles, 1920s Tommy-guns, modern weaponry, sci-fi and machine guns. Custom designed heads, helmets, and armour including Minotaur heads, fantasy armour, shields, cowboy hats and sci-fi armour. Finally accessories such as horns for their helmet, boot wings to let them fly circles around their opponents, and the amazing Dragon Wings.


AFOL fan and minifigure collector, Andrew has a huge collection of Super Heroes minifigures and custom minifigures, and his passion for collecting has resulted in this online shop. He is dedicated to giving our customers a fantastic customer experience.

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