LEGO Super Heroes Custom Minifigures

Custom Minifigures have come a long way since Sharpies, sticky labels, water scale decals and clear varnish. Today some of the quality is even better than the LEGO originals with expensive high tech laser and pad printers being used. We are even seeing 360 degree printing on the arms and legs. The great thing about custom minifigures are that you can explore themes LEGO has not covered or create characters LEGO have not done from existing themes.

When LEGO released the New York Toy Fair and Comic-con Exclusives (for more details read our Super Heroes Minifigure Guide) there were a lot of unhappy minifigure collectors, as these limited edition minifigures are hard to come by and very expensive. However, you can now complete your collection with a custom minifigure. Can you guess which is the original Shazam? I agree custom minifigures are not the real thing however you can pick this Shazam minifigure up from Green Pea Toys for a tenth of the original price.

If anyone has bought a custom minifigure from Christo, based in South Africa then they will tell you that his minifigures are just as good if not better than LEGO’s. Although they are quite expensive, he mainly produces Star Wars and Super Heroes minifigures, but definitely worth it!

There are however other custom minifigure makers who offer cheap low quality below standard minifigures, so always read the descriptions and have a good look at the images, but you cannot go far wrong with either Green Pea Toys or Christo.

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