Iron Man Suits of Armour

If like me you get confused with all the incarnations of Mr Stark’s Iron Man armour from the rough-and-ready Mark I to all the incredible armour that was seen in Iron Man 3, then Nick Royer from HJ Media Studios has created 17 of the Iron Man suits in minifigure form designed and renderered in Blender. I have to say these look incredible and must have taken hours to do!

Iron Man Mark I

Iron Man Mark II

Iron Man Mark III

Iron Man Mark IV

Iron Man Mark V

Iron Man Mark VI

Iron Man Mark VII

Iron Man Heart Breaker

Iron Man Mark XXXIII Silver Centurion

Iron Man Mark XXXV Gemini

Iron Man Mark XL Shotgun

Iron Man Mark XLII

Iron Man War Machine

Iron Man Iron Patriot

Iron Men Mark XLI Bones

Iron Men Mark XXXV Red Snapper

Iron Men Mark XVI Nightclub

If Nick creates any more of these renders we will add them to this post. Our favourite is still the Mark V Suitcase Armour. Which is your favourite?


  1. Sam Beecroft says:

    Are these on sale?

  2. They are just render images from a graphic software package.