Phoenix Customs A Guide To

Phoenix Customs A Guide To

Established in December 2013 their first release was Red Bird and Kinetic Man, Phoenix Customs is now one of the top custom minifigure brands. Well known for their fantastic designs and each custom minifigure has been professionally pad printed, made in limited numbers and comes with a collectors card featuring a render of the minifigure.

Due to the high quality of the customs minifigure Phoenix Customs popularity has soared and so has the number of minifigures they release each year.

Phoenix Customs 2014 Releases

In 2014 Phoenix Customs released 5 minifigures which were Red Bird, Kinetic Man, American Super Soldier, Pirate Assassin and Arachnid Hero.  American Super Soldier and Arachnid Hero were amazing successes and had to be restocked due to the huge demand. Even 2 years on collectors are still trying to find them to complete their collections.

Phoenix Customs 2015 Releases

2015 saw Phoenix Customs released another 5 custom minifigures. These were The Curator, Crimson Arachnid, Cold War Assassin, Shapeshifter and Demon Vigilante. Cold War Assassin featured a printed chrome arm while Shapeshifter had a red hair piece which was was dyed to match the character.

Phoenix Customs Custom Minifigures 2016

2016 started with a bang with the release of Pink Arachnid which featured an incredible printed white hood, and Phoenix Customs went on to release another 6 minifigures including the limited edition Galactic Hero, Indestructible Hero, Chaos, extremely popular Sarcastic Mercenary, limited edition Galactic Scoundrel, and Arachnid Hero V2.

Night Crusader Custom Minifigure

2017 looks set to be another massively successful year with the announcement of the release of 3 custom minifigures, Sleeper Agent, limited edition Galactic Master and Night Crusader which features Phoenix Custom’s first custom head piece!

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