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We wouldn’t be able to run our Minifigures business without our fantastic customers so we thought we would do a regular feature highlighting their Super Heroes collection and asking them a few questions. Thank you to fatcatpip on Flickr for taking the time out to answer these questions:

The Spiders Minifigures

What made you buy your first Super Heroes Custom Minifigure?

Well the main reason was that LEGO were simply not releasing enough different characters. One of the things I love about comics (especially DC and Marvel) is the deep, rich universe created by a huge amount of interesting characters that inhabit it. I was getting a little sick of the same characters released in different variants every season from LEGO and they didn’t seem to be looking to release a collectible series for Super Heroes any time soon. I came across pics of someones collection of custom figs, I believe they were all decaled but it got my attention and not long after I found the Flickr community. I stalked on there for a while, seeing all the wonderful designs people were buying but it seemed like an expensive hobby so I made a decision. If I saw 10 designs that I had to have, I would start collecting. It took a while to get all 10 but between the first and last of those, I was absolutely hooked and it ended up being far more than 10 that I had to have.

With so many Super Heroes Custom Minifigures to choose from, picking a definitive top 5 is probably an impossible task. However which are some of your favourites and why?

Definitely impossible lol. I particularly love the designs based on the LEGO Batman and Marvel Super Heroes games (Muddy River’s, Christo’s and OnlineSailin’s especially) as they are as close to official as we can get…. unofficially official if you will. I’m very partial to the various Spider-Man figs I have collected too although, he is my favourite Super Hero so I may be a be a little biased there lol. I also love the figs that have come with custom made pieces (Christo’s Flash, NACM’s Black Panther and KO Customs Teleporter etc) as I feel they augment/compliment the design and show the Customiser has gone all out in recreating the character. Finally, I really like the figs by Phoenix Custom Bricks as the designs and colours are so vibrant that it feels like they’ve jumped straight out of the pages of a comic book.

The Avengers 2

When it comes to the different printing styles Pad Printed, Digital and UV Digital printing, which do you prefer?

I’d have to say Pad Printing as it’s the same as how LEGO does it and I do prefer the smooth finish. The Pad figs just seem to fit in better with official ones. I don’t mind Digital Printing as it tends to result in more detailed designs overall but the finish is never as nice in my opinion and they just don’t seem to photograph well.

Do you have a favourite custom minifigure vendor or vendors?

I feel that all the vendors have something to offer but I do have a few favourites. Christo is an obvious choice but he does do fantastic work of a high quality and his figs always seem to fit in well with the official designs.

Christo Collection

OnlineSailin is another as his designs convey so much personality (wonderful facial expressions etc). He’s moved from Pad to Digital in recent years which is a shame but I have to say, his Digital print is the best I’ve experienced for myself and is as close to Pad as I’ve seen so far.

OLS Collection

Muddy River Minifigs is yet another as he does fantastic quality, reasonably priced, Pad Printed figs and most of them are totally accurate game designs. I imagine many of our collections would be a lot smaller without his efforts.

MRM Collection

Phoenix Custom Bricks is another as his work has truly taken customising to another level as an art form.

Phoenix Customs Collection

Finally, there are a few up and comers who are doing very promising work such as KO Customs and agoodfella minifigs/Bricks@Raminator. KO has done a wonderful pad printed Nightcrawler fig with custom made parts and I’m excited for his next fig, Chrome Claw. AMB@R has done 2 great digitally printed X-Men figs, the quality of which is on par with OnlineSailin and I’m really excited for their first Pad Printed fig, Arachno Girl.

Do you have an opinion on the Chinese brands that have appeared over the last couple of years?

I hated them when they first appeared as they were stealing designs from other customisers and producing sub par quality copies of official figs. I have to say my view has softened over time as it’s not hard to spot the knock offs and I’d never pick one over a design that a customiser has worked hard on and put money into. I also can’t deny that they have helped contribute to my collection as they have done some fairly accurate game designs that no one else has attempted as well as a range of great custom big figs. In that respect, I consider them a necessary evil though if LEGO made anything they were offering, I’d stop buying from them tomorrow.

Finally, as a regular customer to would you recommend us to your friends?

I definitely would. You guys are always happy to help (sometimes going to great lengths to do so) and are always quick when it comes to shipping 🙂

A big thanks again to fatcatpip and be sure to check out our Custom Minifigures Shop.


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