Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2017

Custom Minifigure Brick Awards

Welcome to the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2017! Here is a recap of the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2016 and Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2015.

2017 has been yet another fantastic year for releases and we have sold over 305 different custom minifigures. As well as our existing popular vendors such as Christo, Phoenix Customs, BrothersFigure, LeYiLeBrick and Onlinesailin we welcomed some amazing new vendors to our site including UG Minifigs, Dragon Brick, Bat Bricks, RA Customs and Funny Brick. We only picked vendors that we sell on our site for these awards so I know there are others that have released some fantastic custom minifigures that have missed out.

Let the awards begin!

Best Digital Printing Vendor Award

Runner Up


LeYiLeBrick have gone from strength to strength since they arrived on our web site back in July 2016 and have continued to release a huge range of high quality UV digitally printed Super Heroes custom minifigures. A fine example are these Batman Lantern Custom Minifigures. LeYiLeBrick has proved to be a very popular brand offering minifigures at very affordable prices. They have also released a number of pad printed Super Heroes.



For the second year in a row Onlinesailin have won this award producing a fantastic range of high quality digitally printed custom minifigures. Although they are digitally printed it is only when you feel the print that you realise they are not pad printed. Offering a huge range of limited edition Super Heroes the stand-out releases for me was these Captain Spider-Man and Captain Batman custom minifigures.

Best New Vendor Award

2017 saw a number of new vendors including UG Minifigs, Dragon Brick, Bat Bricks, RA Customs and Funny Brick.

Runner Up

Funny Brick

Funny Brick has arrived in the Custom Minifigure community in 2017 with a bang producing a range of high quality Super Heroes each coming with custom made parts. There releases include 1939 Batman, Black Panther, Starman, Electro, Ares, Stargirl, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. 2018 looks set to be another great year for them with the release of Kid Flash.


UG Minifigs

UG Minifgs released 6 Super Heroes custom minifigures in 2017 and each one was hugely popular. They were Dr Fate, Zebra Batman, Winter Soldier, Daredevil, Azrael Blue & Red, and Vampire Batman. The pad printed quality was very high and many of them came with custom parts.

Best Selling Custom Minifigure

3rd Place

Classy Patriot BrothersFigure Custom Minifigure

This Classy Patriot Custom Minifigure by BrothersFigure was an instant hit with collectors. The quality was great and due to its popularity BrothersFigure went on to release the helmet individually in blue and dark blue.

Runner Up

Dr Fate UG Custom Minfigure

Dr Fate by UG Minifigs caused a huge frenzy by collectors when it was released featuring a custom helmet and we had to restock it twice before the vendor sold out.


Zebra Batman UG Custom Minfigure

Previously released by Christo this version of the Zebra Batman Custom Minfigure by UG Minifigs was an instant hit for collectors and we had to restock three times before the vendor sold out.

Best Pad Printed Vendor Award

With so many great vendors to choose from this is always a hard decision to make, however we factored in anticipation, demand, the use of custom parts, print quality and the number of releases each vendor made. Special mention goes to Phoenix Customs, Funny Brick and Dragon Brick.

3rd Place

Azrael UG Minifigs Custom Minifigure

UG Minifigs had a fantastic debut in 2017 releasing 6 pad printed custom minifigures and 2 of them being our best sellers of the year.

Runner Up

Golden Sentry BrothersFigure Custom Minifigure

BrothersFigure had a phenomenal 2017 releasing a massive 20 Super Heroes custom minifigures and even giving 1 away! Their releases included Undead Knight, Undead Steel, Santa Knight, Half & Half, Superb Lass, Corrupt Knight, Party Bird, Dark Wizard, Diamond Empress(Black), Diamond Empress(White), Classy Patriot, Undead Stalker, Friendly Patriot, Lady Thunder, Devilish Dame, Lady Knight, Crimson Sorceress, Golden Sentry, Undead Warbird, Undead Warchick and Santa Crawls. (The last 3 will be live on our site 1st Jan 2018).


Christo Custom Minifigures Jan 2017 Wave

Undoubtedly Christo is still the custom minifigure vendor to beat consistently producing a range of high quality Super Heroes minifigures. He is also the most frustrating to deal with releasing very small quantities of minifigures with long release times. In 2017 he released the Batsman, Aragnidome, Spider-Man Symbiote, Spider-Man 2099, Green Lantern Hall Jordan, Starman, Daniel West and Batman 1939 V2.

The comments section is open as I would love to hear who you think deserved to win each award!


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