Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2016

Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2016

Welcome to the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2016! I you are new to our site then here is a recap of the Custom Minifigure Brick Awards 2015.

I think we can all agree 2016 has been a fantastic year for releases and we have sold over 210 different custom minifigures. As well as our existing popular vendors such as Christo, Phoenix Customs, Fig Nation and SH Custom Minifigs we welcomed some amazing new vendors to our site including Onlinesailin, LeYiLeBrick, Brothers Figure, SFX Minifigs, Brick Asylum and Paris Custom Bricks. We only picked vendors that we sell on our site for these awards so I know there are others that have released some fantastic custom minifigures that have missed out.

Let the awards begin!

Best Military Vendor Award

WW2 German Soldiers Custom Minifigures

Runner Up

LeYiLeBrick released a range of WW1 and WW2 German and Chinese Soldiers which were digitally printed to a very high quality. They also sell a range of printed military torso’s, heads, legs and helmets.

The Minifig Co Fallschirmjager Soldiers


The Minifig Co. continued where they left off in 2015 releasing a massive range of digitally printed German military custom minifigures, torso’s, heads and legs which have been hugely popular. The stand-out custom miniifgures were these Fallschirmjager Soldiers.

Best Digital Printing Vendor Award

Shazam & Black Adam LeYiLeBrick Custom Minifigures

Runner Up

LeYiLeBrick arrived on our web site in July 2016 and have continued to release a huge range of high quality UV digitally printed Super Heroes custom minifigures. A fine example are these Shazam and Black Adam Custom Minifigures. LeYiLeBrick has proved to be a very popular brand offering minifigures at very affordable prices. They have also released a number of pad printed Super Heroes.

Onlinesailin The Suicide Squad Custom Minifigures


After a number of requests by collectors to stock Onlinesailin custom minifigures, they finally arrived on our site in January 2016 and I was shocked at how good the quality was. Although they are digitally printed it is only when you feel the print that you realise they are not pad printed. Offering a huge range of limited edition Super Heroes the stand-out releases for me was The Suicide Squad Custom Minifigures.

Best New Vendor Award

2016 saw a number of new vendors including Brothers Figure, Brick Asylum, LeYiLeBrick, Paris Custom Bricks and SFX Minifigs.

SFX Minifigs Wave 1

Runner Up

SFX Minifigs arrived on our web site in November 2016 with their Wave 1 of pad printed Super Heroes custom minifigures. These were President Luther, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Jessica Jones, Purple Man and Nuke. The brand showed a lot of ambition releasing 6 custom minifigures and we cannot wait to see what they release in 2017.

Brothers Figure Rainbow Hero


Released in November 2016 this Rainbow Hero was one of the best pad printed custom minifigures and certainly the most expensive of 2016. With the release of Undead Knight and Undead Steel coming to our site in January 2017 the Brothers Figure have definitely caused a stir in the custom minifigure community and are worthy winners of this award.

Best Selling Custom Minifigure

This is purely the most custom minifigures sales we sold on our site due to demand rather than how many each vendor sold.

Phoenic Customs Shapeshifter Custom Minifigure

Runner Up

We had to restock this excellent pad printed Shapeshifter Custom Minifigure 3 times before Phoenix Customs sold out themselves. Another custom minifigure that sold very well by this vendor was Pink Arachnid.


SH Custom Minifigs Blonde Vigilante Custom Minifigure


This pad printed Blonde Vigilante Custom Minifigure was the follow up to the 2015 The Archer and once again proved to be a huge success for SH Custom Minifigs, who also released the Swifty custom minifigure this year to complete the Vigilante Trio.

Best Pad Printed Vendor Award

Phoenix Customs Sarcastic Mercenary Custom Minifigure

Runner Up

Phoenix Customs have yet again had another great year producing a number of high quality pad printed custom minifigures including Pink Arachnid, the limited edition Galactic Hero, Indestructible Hero, Chaos, Sarcastic Mercenary, limited edition Galactic Scoundrel, and finally the Arachnid Hero V2. Once again they are the bridesmaid, however I am sure they cannot complain about the winner!

Christo Custom Minifigures


We might have to change the name of this category to the Christo Custom Minifigure Award. 2016 saw Christo release a massive 17 customs minifigures which were Zebra Batman, Jay Garrick, Flash Rival, Fantastic 4 Spider-Man, Black Lantern Flash, Batman 1939, Bucky Barnes, Green Lantern Batman, New 52 Reverse Flash, Slade Wilson, Clay Face, Poison Ivy, Black Panther, Batman Noir, Ms Marvel Red, Flash and Zoom.

Many of the minifigures were limited to just 40 coming in a plastic case and numbered collectors card. A number of them had custom made helmets and hair pieces and the quality of the pad printing was exceptional. A worthy winner yet again!

Best Custom Minifigure Award

This is always a hard award to give as there are so many amazing custom minifigures and this year we had 210 to choose from and 17 Christo custom minifigures! So we factored in anticipation, demand, the use of custom parts and printing on unusual areas of the minifigure.

3rd Place

Phoenix Customs Pink Arachnid Custom Minifigure

Not only was the Pink Arachnid Custom Minifigure by Phoenix Customs one of the top selling minifigures of 2016 it featured pad printing on the inside of the LEGO hood, something that hadn’t been done before.

Runner Up

Christo Zebra Batman Custom Minifigure

Love it or hate it the Zebra Batman Custom Minifigure by Christo was a very limited edition minifigure and the second most expensive minifigure in 2016 behind the Rainbow Hero. The pad printing was excellent and minifigure came in a numbered collectors case.


Christo Flash Custom Minifigure

If there was an award for the most anticipated release of the year then this amazing Flash Custom Minifigure by Christo would have won that too! Limited to just 40 coming in a plastic case and numbered collectors card you needed to have the Golden Ticket to bag one of these! The custom made helmet with gold wings on the side is amazing, and the printing and design is excellent!

The comments section is open as I would love to hear who you think deserved to win each award!


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