The Lantern Corps

The Lantern Corps

Once there were a corps 3600 strong wearing the most powerful weapons ever devised on their fingers. The Green Lantern Corps acted as an intergalactic police force, doing the bidding of the Guardians of the Universe. The Green Lantern’s suffered a fatal blow at the hands of Hal Jordan when turning into Parallax, but Kyle Rayner and the Blue Lanterns may be the best hope for restoring this ancient force of justice and order.

In the comic books there has been a number of human Green Lanterns including Alan Scott (Green Lantern I), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern II), Guy Gardner (Green Lantern III), John Stewart (Green Lantern IV), and Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern V)

The Green and Blue Lanterns won’t the only ones, there were 9 in total all related to the emotional spectrum:

Green Lantern Corps – Will
Blue Lantern Corps – Hope
Red Lantern Corps – Rage
Orange Lantern Corps – Avarice
Indigo Lantern Corps – Compassion
Violet Lantern Corps – Love
Black Lantern Corps – Death
White Lantern Corps – Life
Sinestro Yellow Lantern Corps – Fear



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